Good for you. No one gets to talk to you like that. We may not be close but i will hunt him down and remind him you mess with one of my sisters its going down. I will fight like a starving lion for my family. Distance doesnt mean anything. I love my family to death despite all our problems! Brianna im here for you. Dont let ANYTHING he said even get through your ears into your head. That is one ignorant idiot and you are lucky to get away from that asshole. You can start from scratch. Focus on becoming a healthier, more motivated, goal oriented, determined, positive woman. You have a chance to learn love yourself again. And you should love yourself. Your strong and you’ve been through alot. You have to look at this like a lesson in life and move on. Your kids are looking at you. Show them when life gets you messed up..that you can grow and become a better version of yourself. This asshole thinks hes hurting you? Please hes just giving you motivation and strength. When you love someone sometimes you forget how to love yourself. Now its time for you to shake it off and remind yourself who you are!!! A damn BOSS QUEEN who can do whatever she puts her heart to. Get up girl. Go get your $, work very hard, get your new place, get your car, make sure your good and things will work out. Youll see. I love all of my bros and sisters. If anyone messes with my family YOUR GONNA HAVE TO DEAL WITH ME.