Sitting at my desk at work…

Still not awake at 11:02 in the morning, struggling real bad (i know it’s not proper english, don’t judge, my blog my rules) to wake up, trying every trick in the book…


Taking an awkward walk around the office*


Chewing my lips*

Rocking in my seat*

Tapping my nails*

The list goes on and on as such….

Pretty much everything except actually doing my job, granted its slow today butttt.

So anyhow, I decide to get up to go to the employee kitchen to get coffee, first of all this is not a realistic name no matter who named it this. THIS IS A SMALL SQUARE 5X5 SPACE  with a coffee maker and a microwave..Which despite the OBVIOUS spacing issue, more than one employee is always trying to squeeze in all at once.

I went for my coffee that had just finished draining from the Keurig and the cup still being a little hot I made a quick decision to let it cool slightly before trying to carry it out to my desk..

I’m standing at the window and I start dazing off..I don’t know about anyone else but I have a ridiculous face that just happens when I zone out. I feel my eyes get really wide and kind of go blank, I’m still looking out the window but my eyes are taking nothing in. I try to avoid these types of blank stares when I’m tired because I have a hard time coming out of them. I get to the point where I can still talk, hear and somewhat function, but I cannot stop staring off wide eyed and bushy tailed.

I’m leaning towards the theory that this is being a type of sleeping while awake, its still in the works.

I hear my supervisor step into the room behind me and start talking to me but mostly to herself as she looks for something. I’m still stuck at the window in a big eyed daze. I see her step beside me through my peripherals and I can sorta see her staring at me.

I’m still zoning out.

“Krista..” she pauses, “What in the world are you doing?”

“I’m still not awake” I said.

I see her lean a little bit more towards the front of my face.

I’m thinking “Snap out of it Krista this is weird.”

“Wow….Your eyes are huge….I’ve never seen someones eyes open that big before.”

This whole situation is unbearably weird for me. I’m trying to come out of this daze but at this point my body has turned against me.

I force my face away from the window thinking it would snap my eyes into focus and instead they go directly to my supervisors …..BOOBS

Yep, they stuck right there in the most awkward, unnecessary spot on her person. HUMILIATING.

She tries snapping her fingers in front of my face and nothing.

“Wow your really stuck huh?”


She follows my eyes down to her boobs and says” Oh Geez.”

“Could you just …” I start to say

She must have been under one of these  awake while sleeping spells before because she reached up and gave me a little smack right on my cheek, and walks out of the kitchen/closet. And I came out of it.


Pretty much how my face must have looked!