Ok, so who’s to say setbacks can’t be positive things right?!

Well I for one have had a shit rest of the day since this mornings blog. My hair is a mess, I forgot to brush my teeth today so im sure my mouth is a bucket full of sunshine, my kids are hyper and I just finished a 10 minute job interview that I waited 2 hours for..and it didn’t go well.

I would like to think that being told I have a high quality resume and extremely qualified would be a good thing.

Turns out experience only brought a $9.00/hour offer to the table. Sorry sir, times are tough but NOT that tough. One thing my mother taught me was “Never dumb down your qualities to make it work for others.”

Anyways, my qualities are a little bit more expensive than that.

The support I was hoping to get from my husband…well there was alot of room for improvement. Being married can be a great thing. But if I’m being honest (which seems to make me alot more enemies than it does friends), today it just annoys me.

Annnd…I just burnt dinner and my kids are looking at me like im a lunatic for even putting it on a plate in front of them…the cherry to my icecream.

I don’t have enough energy today to look at the brightside. And thats ok. Being a good person requires some downtime. So for the rest of the night I would like to be by my grouchy self.

So dear readers..

I will leave you a random DID YOU KNOW and try my hardest to be cheery in the A.M. for tomorrows blog.